CombiTac Incredible in every way.

Your choice of connector is critical to your success. That’s where Stäubli comes in. Our CombiTac modular connector is engineered to deliver the most versatile and reliable connector on the market. With limitless configuration options backed by our connector expertise, it’s the one connector that allows you to do it all.

Its limits are up to you.

We designed CombiTac to be good at one thing: everything. Our most versatile connector ever is 100% customizable to meet the exact needs of your business, including power up to 300 A and 5 kV, high-density signals, 10 GB Ethernet and coaxial, fiber optic, thermocoupling, leakage-free fluid, and pneumatic up to 15 bar.

Learn how CombiTac can help you.

The CombiTac modular connector platform

CombiTac uniq™

100,000 mating cycles

Connection Options Include: Power, signal, data, thermocouple, coaxial, fiber optic, fluid, and pneumatic

CombiTac direqt™

10,000 mating cycles

Connection Options Include: Signal, power and pneumatic

Our connector. Our commitment.

CombiTac is engineered by our connector experts to provide the most reliable, versatile solution on the market. We’ve built it to stand up to shocks, vibrations, extreme temperature fluctuations and whatever else you can throw its way, delivering performance while reducing your maintenance costs and unplanned downtime.

The CombiTac Difference

CombiTac can be found wherever connector performance is critical. Here’s just a few examples.


CombiTac provides a reliable and safe connection for power, signal and data transmission across the EV and autonomous vehicle manufacturing process.

Real World Example

Harsh Environments

CombiTac stands up to extreme conditions found in mining, railways to provide connections to power converters, ventilation groups, air conditioning, lighting and signal systems, and more.

Real World Example

Industrial Machinery

CombiTac provides milling machines, sealers, robots and more with a constant, stable connection that can withstand vibrations and high mating forces.

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CombiTac provides a reliable interface for aerospace and other transportation applications, such as aircraft engine test benches, multimedia equipment and power distribution units.

Real World Example

Energy Storage

CombiTac delivers all the necessary signal and data contacts energy storage systems require in a single space-saving modular connector system.

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Medical Devices

CombiTac delivers proven connectivity that ensures reliability for life-saving surgical units, diagnostic devices, and more.

Real World Example

Connector experts are standing by.

Our products are just the beginning. We back the incredible versatility and reliability of CombiTac with unmatched service and support. Our engineers work by your side from concept to installation to cable assembly so your CombiTac meets the needs of your specific application. With more than 100 years of global experience, we’re more than just a connector manufacturer; we’re your partner in helping you solve your most pressing business challenges.

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